performance vs. discovery

Many business owners are concerned about performance in their businesses. While this is an important aspect of any small business, the danger is that we can become oriented exclusively around it. The business becomes imbalanced and we lose the ability to enjoy what we're doing. 

One way to correct this is to turn our attention toward discovery. We look for something to learn. We look for things that are new.

By noticing new things or by simply observing what's happening in front of us, we can see what we never saw before. IF we stop and observe our relationships with the people that we serve rather than focus on what we're trying to do for them, we will discover something new about that relationship. We might discover that there's a great connection there. We might discover that we can bring a better connection.


Another way to reorient around something other than performance is to focus on the joy of what we do. Working to strengthen each other so that we may accomplish our goals adds to the joy–giving us increased freedom to seek and do what we love to do.

Discovery and enjoyment is available to us every day, given the right mind set.

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