35 Years of Business Consulting

Action plans and wealth accumulation strategies for 500+ clients.
Business strategies for improved company performance.
Mentoring and coaching towards measurable goals and expanding skills.


Managed $200 million in assets at Mercer Advisors

Over 11 years managing assets and portfolios on behalf of clients.

Managed Account Executive Team of 10 Advisors.


What I am passionate about

I love helping people experience abundance in their lives and deep meaning in their businesses. Finding the sweet spot where work and play fit. Surrounding themselves with an awesome team that they actually look forward to seeing daily. Feeling like they make a difference and get great rewards for doing so. I love doing what I do because my personal journey is also one of inquiry, discovery, change, growth. 

My Story
At age 25, as a product manager of a small software development company, I experienced what I have come to call a “moment of truth.” I was feeling success but not much passion in what I was doing. It was not my life’s work. The truth was, I was comfortable but it was time to change. I needed a bodacious, scary challenge. Thus started an odyssey of adventure and discovery. 
I quit the software firm and took a job as a driver. Why? Kendrick Mercer Company. It was a growing, exciting place that hired “the best and the brightest.” The clientele were the most successful healthcare practitioners in the country. It was all about helping people build the businesses of their dreams. 


From the day I was hired, I was told that if someone better was found, I’d be replaced. If I demonstrated capability and took on more responsibility, I’d be promoted. After two weeks, I finished being a driver. After six weeks, I finished my training with my 10 mentors, gaining the skills to prep, analyze, communicate, research and game plan financial and business strategies.


Over the next 11 years and with over $200 million in assets under management, I would learn what was important to clients when it came to money and their businesses. I would find out how deeply and personally professionals take responsibility in caring for their families, their employees, their clientele. And I learned how to plan with them, separating what was meaningful from the “shoulds” in life.


Then in 1998, it happened again. Another moment of truth. (Ok, I may have skipped one or two!) I felt successful, but unfulfilled. The ache deep inside made me realize it was time to face something that had been buried for a long time. The fear of starting my own business.


My everyday existence included encouraging clients to follow their dreams and pursue what is meaningful in life. It was time to follow my own advice. The result is Brock Dumont Consulting company.


The programs offered are designed to meet the objectives of clients. It all starts by getting to know a person, what they value and what they dream of creating.


I encourage you to take a look at my services. Contact me. If you’d like, we can set up a complimentary consult to explore working together.