You are not alone!


It’s great to run your own business. But it is not easy. You wear many hats. Decisions are often made without enough time to think, lacking the benefit of input, objectivity and support of an experienced business partner. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone to collaborate with in creating, focusing and making steady progress toward your goals? Now there is.


The Business Partner Program gives you the solid planning and objective “sounding board” you can use. The program combines valuable resources to grow your business with ongoing coaching to achieve results, including:


  • effective leadership
  • decision making
  • a fresh business vision
  • higher revenue production and net profit
  • establishing clear goals
  • analysis
  • progress measurement tools
  • improved team communications
  • financial tools
  • better relationships with patients
  • Kolbe index consulting
  • efficient cash flow management– and more


What sets us apart is the way we work with you. We learn about you first to 

understand what progress is important for your success. Then we dedicate time 

to help you create goals, set priorities, focus on action to prosper. We get you 

working on the business, where decisions can affect your entire patient base, not 

just the patient you have in the chair at the moment.