the narrow path

Consider a scenario where you call all of your family, friends, business associates, peers and mentors to make an announcement. You are alone on stage and the room is full with everyone seated attentively awaiting the news. Then with all the courage you can muster you blurt: I wanted you all to hear it from me firstI’ve gone bankrupt...

Pretty heavy feeling, huh? Well, in my experience many of us are running from that fear of being broke, destitute or becoming what used to be called a bum. Many of our actions, even those that look healthy, can be spoiled by a context of scarcity.


But wait.


Consider the scenario with the same people in the room with an alternative announcement. The courage mustering being equal, you spill: I thought it only fair to inform you of my wild success. I’m a billionaire.


Hey, feels great, right? For most, no, it doesn’t. It feels like bragging–a flaunting of greater fortune than those in front of us, the people we care about. We wonder how many people in the room are going to envy or even hate us. Or that some might feel like they deserve a hand out. Even worse, we might begin to question people’s motives as the relationship continues.


The insidious effect of these two extremes creates The Narrow Path. For many, the path is much narrower than the examples above, walking a tight rope of how much abundance is okay and how much we should suffer.


This path dampens our lives because it gets in the way of feeling great about being successful. It also can create fear over the risk of potential failure born of pursuing dreams. It encourages us to play in the safe zone, to color inside the lines.


The Narrow Path has forced me to ask hard questions, questions for you to consider:


How wildly successful am I willing to allow myself to be?

What risks am I willing to take for my soul in spite of materialistic failure?

How does the Narrow Path manifest in my relationships, my physical well-being, my spiritual pursuits, my adventure, my openness to new ideas?


The candid exploration of these questions isn’t easy but it will open many meaningful pathways and possibilities for your life. 

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